Founded in 2005, S. W. Mitchell Capital is a specialist European equities investment boutique based in London. We manage assets for a global client base which includes pension funds, endowments, financial advisers, charities, family offices and high net worth individuals.


Our story is all about potential. We constantly search for the long term potential in everything we do, whether with the companies we invest in or the people we employ.

Our tightly-knit culture is defined by insight, consistency, stamina and – above all – the freedom to invest.


Our insight has been developed over thirty years of investing solely in Europe. Thirty years of getting to know the majority of the key management teams in the region, understanding the intricacies of the market and learning from our mistakes. Our insight into companies is reinforced by the insight we have into the strengths, weaknesses and potential of our own team, insight developed over a lifetime of working together.


We have only ever had one approach to investing: bottom up and with conviction. We are independent, pragmatic and always intellectually curious. Last year we held over 1,000 company meetings all over Europe. This highly active programme of face-to-face meetings with management is the permanent heart of our investment process.

The consistency of our investment style is matched by the stability of our client base and of our team. This long term trust from the people who matter most to us is matched by our deeply ingrained philosophy of looking far into the future when taking investment decisions. We will not allow the short term to drive us.


We leave no stone unturned in our search to find opportunities others are missing. Our search to identify unrecognised value requires stamina. It requires the courage to be unconstrained, long term and imaginative in our thinking, and to set aside market noise. Above all, our stamina is driven by a passion for what we do, and by our determination to be successful, both for our clients and for ourselves.


Our aspiration to release potential and find value is supported by an infrastructure carefully crafted to minimise distractions. Much as we relish our boutique-like nature – with team flair, creativity and energy – we give equal weight to maintaining rigorous institutional disciplines.

Our organisation is a small one, small enough to ensure flexibility of thought and action. But our structure, nimble as it is, is also underpinned by a back office of unusual size and quality. Our decade-long relationship with Waverton Investment Management provides strong operational expertise, guaranteeing us the time to concentrate on the job of investing.